Matrix Asset Management Solution formed in 2007, is engaged in the business of managing various type of Asset & Inventory Management and our team has provided exceptional management solutions to Hotels, Hospitals, Laundry, Airlines, Telecom Companies, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Shopping Malls, Banks, Housing Complex, Commercial Buildings, Event Organizers, Schools, Factories and Warehouses. We have experience in implementing Assets Management system in various sectors ranging from 5,000 to 120,000 assets at a single location and in maintaining a perpetual record on an annual basis for audit purpose. We offer both Barcode and RFID Technology and our service revolves around setting up Asset Tagging, Data Capture, Auditing, Process Development, Software Solution, Reporting and Reconciliation.

About us

We work with each client to customize the inventory experience by understanding the organization’s project goals and provide an easy-to-manage single platform for fixed asset management to control the complete lifecycle of an asset.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the most complete, fault-free solutions to each customer, tailored to their unique requirements and our strength remains in providing individualized service characteristics of a successful company, enhanced by the breadth and depth of skills that accompanies experience proven achievement in this field of work.

Our inventory management Solution involves the use of our software, scanner portal, barcode scanners, state-of-the-art personal data collection terminals (PDTs), barcode printers and mobile devices to streamline the management of inventory. Also, our inventory specialists are thoroughly trained and are well versed in field-experience allowing them to quickly identify asset and capture all applicable product information pertaining to each asset.

We have presence in Canada, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and we have carried out assignments in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, UK and Australia.