Matrix offer Ozone Treatment service specifically for hotels
Hospitals – Residential – Offices Restaurants – Public Transport
with our powerful Ozone generators. These incorporate the most
sophisticated and safe technologies available (both Ultra Violet
(UV) and Corona Discharge (CD) Process) with field proven success.
As one of the world’s most powerful oxidants with ability to eradicate an
extensive list of viruses, bacteria, and strong odours, ozone has
proven itself to be the most beneficial green technology available.
Use of the latest Ozone generators to produce a superior disinfectant
for use in many industries is becoming more popular every day.

Our Ozone treatment is ideal for use in Room, Public Areas, Restaurants, Kitchen,
stores etc. to Sanitize the areas and remove unpleasant and strong Odour &
bacteria to maintain a constant level of freshness.


Our Treatment will remove most odours in 20-60 minutes
depending on type and strength of the odour problem.

We offer Monthly & yearly Treatment Contracts.

Our Servies is handled by specially trained staff and we
use safe level of ozone which is not injuries to Health or any Products.

with Ozone treatment No chemicals are required … so huge savings &
satisfaction of knowing you’re using the most beneficail green
technology available.

Our customers are satisfied because our hight intensity treatment
removes Odours including heavy smoke, keep each area fresh and bacteria
free to improve your guest satisfaction ratings & reviews.