We offers Fixed Asset Inventory management services to Oil & Gas Industries, Factory, Warehouse, Hotels, Restaurants, Health – care, Banks, Offices, Commercial Building, Schools and Housing Complex in identifying the Assets by Tagging, Scanning, Capturing
Data, Images and Reconciling the Assets to maintain a proper Fixed Asset Register.

RFID tags are Embeddable – Ultra Durable – Banded – Epoxie

Designed to survive hours of underground corrosive chemicals, Pressure of 30,000 PSI and Temperatures of – 60°C to + 200°C and it can be used for the tracking of bore hole assets

Oil & Gas

MATRIX focuses on providing complete RFID solutions to various industries.
We consider using latest & most advanced RFID technology to solve real life problems through optimizing RFID deployments for our customers to be our mission.
Our RFID tagging and Application Solution is based on field proven best industry practices. Failure of a single piece of on-site equipment can cause drilling to come to an abrupt and costly halt.
Manually tracking these assets could be a daunting task. With thousands of parts to keep track of and a limited number of man-hours to do it all, mistakes can happen. And those mistakes can lead to big losses.
RFID system can essentially automate oil field asset tracking, life cycle management, streamline workflows and part identification. And when field-proven RFID technology is utilized, it can stand up to the rigors of even the most remote and challenging drilling sites with less down time.

When Assets are affixed with RFID tags, pieces of equipment can be instantly identified, and key data can be accessed on the spot which results in a number of benefits, including:

  • Quick, easy, clean and detailed item identification
  • Significant reductions in lost and misplaced equipment
  • Easier tracking of usage cycles and routine maintenance
  • Earlier indication that new parts need to be ordered
  • Countless hours of time saved tracking down specific pieces
  • MATRIX RFID LV Efficient & Robust Asset Tracking Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry and can create a significant ROI when correctly engineered and installed.