Matrix is the leader in Tool Tracking Solution has been offering solutions in tool inventory management for various Construction, Maintenance, Power, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Mining and more using latest RFID technology.
We offer solution for Unmanned Stores for tools inventory tracking and movement to control and minimize Losses.

  • No Store Keeper Manpower required.
  • No Manual tracking of Tool movement
  • Easy web-based tracking for tools, equipment, and supplies no matter your location
  • Quick and accurate checkouts and returns using RFID technology, or a combination of both
  • Online detailed usage info about tools and equipment
  • Historical information about employee and job usage
  • More accountable and productive employees, plus peace of mind for managers
  • On-site training that’s customized for your business

Save Costs

  • Reduce stock outs with automated inventory monitoring
  • Decrease unnecessary repurchasing by eliminating hoarding of expensive tools and equipment
  • Minimize downtime by ensuring the right tools are in the right place at the right time

Improve Efficiency

  • Decrease time spent checking in, returning, and counting inventory
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Monitor and schedule maintenance and calibration to ensure equipment is safe to use
  • Quickly issue and return sets of assets by using RFID scanning portal.

Maximize Revenue

  • Maximize asset utilization, reduce operating costs, Loss Ratio and limit capital investment by tracking inventory
  • Liquidate underutilized inventory by tracking excess and obsolete items

If you have tools that need to be tracked, Matrix Toolhound Solution just makes sense. No other company provides customized service like us
We look forward to helping you grow your business.