Why Use RFID

Advantage of RFID use vs BARCODElabel

  RFID Barcode
Read Rate

High throughput. Multiple (>100) tags can be read simultaneously.

Passive UHF RFID:
– Up to 40 feet (fixed readers)
– Up to 20 feet (handheld readers)
Active RFID:
   – Up to 100’s of feet or more

Very low throughput. Tags can only be read manually, one at a time.

Several inches up to several feet

Line of Sight Not required. Items can be oriented in any direction, as long as it is in the read range, and direct line of sight is never required. Definitely required. Scanner must physically see each item directly to scan, and items must be oriented in a very specific manner.
Read/Write Capability More than just reading. Ability to read, write, modify, and update. Read only. Ability to read items and nothing else.
Durability High. Much better protected, and can even be internally attached, so it can be read in very harsh environments. Low. Easily damaged or removed; cannot be read if dirty or greasy.
Security High. Difficult to replicate. Data can be encrypted; password protected, or include a “kill” feature to remove data permanently, so information stored is much more secure. Low. Much easier to reproduce or counterfeit.
Technology RF (Radio Frequency) Optical (Laser)